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The Court Allocation Questionnaire had to be in Dartford County Court by 4th January 2001.
On contacting the court, I was informed that they were very busy and the problem with getting a date for hearing was that it had been set down for 1 day

On 25th April 2001 I got a notification from Dartford County Court that my case would be heard on 25th June 2001

I arrived at the court at 10am, but the Judge of whom had a 10am case, did not turn up to the court until 11am.

The Judge then took his 10am case an hour late, and it finished at 11.30am. Both myself and counsel for the defendant were asked to go into his court. he explained why he was late.

The Judge then said he wished to read the skeleton argument from the defendant which had arrived on his desk ONLY that morning, and asked us to come back at 12noon.

Having carefully followed the Court Guide, I was expecting to practically deliver a speech for just under half the time allocated, and thus had all my notes written up and papers in order for he purpose

We returned to the court room at 12 noon, when the Judge said we will make a start then have a small break for lunch. The Judge then proceeded to ask questions, first directed at me and then the defendant. I thought this was until the lunch break, and that I could state my case.

This took approx 2hrs (time allocated 1 day) The Judge then said he was not in a position to make a decision, that he wanted to take the papers home and go through them, and this would take about a week.

On Friday 29th June I was given a notice that the verdict would be announced on Monday 2nd July.

Verdict:- All the evidence that I had presented and stated at the hearing was discounted, and consequently the case was dismissed.

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