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UNWOVIC My Experienc with Woolwich

My Experience with the Woolwich

I am among quite a few Woolwich Building Society members, that have missed out on the free share issue. This being due to being classed as "Excluded Persons."

I have also had problems dealing with them. April 1996 when I wanted to draw out some cash. They managed to send the cheque, but not the passbook back. Allowed 3 months (for sea mail) to get here. It was then telephone and faxing for months trying to get my passbook. They never replied or telephone back, it was eleven months before they cancelled the account and opened up a new account.

While making these calls, was also trying to find out about the share issue. Was given a help line number to telephone, only to be told "That they could not help and we had as much information as them" Finally in June 97 the person I spoke to wrote to me in August saying the Share Department would contact me, which they did, and as I now found out, now have missed the dead line, but the letter they sent, only referring to the Q & A book, which they also quoted in the same letter.

We decided it would be a good time to close off the account and bring the funds back to New Zealand. Owing to the previous lack of service, decided to go to England and deal with it personally.

Sent an email to tell then what I wanted and when I would be there. Tried to cash in my shares, only to be told that I had not got any. Was allowed to talk to the Shares Division,(by telephone only) but they would not deal with me, that they could only write to my registered address in New Zealand. I quoted the letter that was sent in August 97 only to be told that it should not have been sent.

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