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UNWOVIC ref o/seas members

Lack of Reference to Overseas Members

The Transfer Document has no REFERENCE to Overseas Members,
that have been excluded, listed under the Contents or Introduction Pages
of the Transfer Document, the Questions & Answers Booklet.

No correspondence from the Woolwich that the Conversion had been voted in.
On trying to find out what was happening was given a Help Line to telehone,
only to be told "You have as much information as we have, sorry can't help"

As the Woolwich decided that certain countries, were onerous, There
is no reason as to why they could not give these members the cash value
and deposited into accounts.

With New Zealand, there was no problem bringing in shares, They only had to
apply for an excemption and pay a small fee to New Zealand to bring
as many shares as they wanted.

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Securities Commissions & Stock Exchange
New Zealand, Canada

This is the item that so many missed, owing to NO
reference in the contents or other correspondence

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Where the distribution of Free Shares would not result in a breech of local laws or require compliance with any regulatory requirement which the Society determines to be onerous

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